"dream great dreams and find the courage to live them"

-erwin mcmanus

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


my new home is in logan square. it's the second floor of a beautiful house. it has huge front windows, two bedrooms, beautiful hardwood floors, fully furnished, and it's just... perfect.

my summer job is at salem christian school. i'll be counseling for their summer day camp program. it's a 9-4 job, which is completely different from any other summer job i've had before. but i like it! we are one day away from finishing the staff training, and then camp starts on monday! it's exciting.

this morning we had about a half an hour just to spend in silent prayer, and it was beautiful.

as much as i know that Jesus is the rock and i'm standing on Him, i've been living as if i'm standing on quicksand. in the last 4-5 years, so much bitterness has come over me. i've been severely disappointed by people who were role models in my faith. and it's because i had raised up those people to a position they should never have been in, and i expected them to be super-human. so i began to associate those things, those people, that bitterness with God, when it was really only the sinful people who let me down, not God.

so i see God and think "hm.. i don't really know what i think. i know the bible says you're good and faithful and perfect and redeeming, but i don't see it. so i'm confused and i just don't know what to think anymore." and i live like i'm in quicksand.

man, i need to live in confidence. i'm standing on a rock. a huge, hard, immovable rock! why don't i live like that? i don't need to frantically scramble to keep my head above the sand, because i'm not even in sand to begin with.

so this is my encouragement...
live in the redemption that God has given you. stand on His promises, because they're true. don't let yourself doubt to the point that you doubt even the goodness of God. he is good all the time, whether we believe it or not.

that's all for now.
i'll keep you posted on the summer :)