"dream great dreams and find the courage to live them"

-erwin mcmanus

Thursday, April 25, 2013

changes, churning, blessing.

A woman prophesied over me a few months ago.  It was my first experience with this and I most certainly had my doubts.  I anticipated that she would speak in broad generalities and have a demeanor something like that of a "psychic".  She blew all of my expectations out of the water.  She began speaking into the lives of some people I know, making specific references to details of their past that represent their most protected memories, encouraging them that God is using those things for good.  She could not possibly have known those intimate details on her own. I saw that the Lord was - maybe, just maybe - working and speaking through her.  But my guard was still up.

It was my turn.  She took my hands in hers and began praying over me.  She prayed over and spoke into areas of my life that only the Lord and my counselor know about.  My guard dropped.  The tears flowed.  And the Lord spoke through her.

Among other things, she spoke of a harvest that was coming after a long and hard dry season of doubt and sorrow (with more detail than I care to share with the public, but that confirmed she was not just making a general statement that could refer to anyone).  It seemed as if this "harvest" was coming too quickly, like I needed to stay in that place of hardship longer to keep learning, to do justice to the hard place before stepping into harvest time.  The Lord knew my thoughts, and this woman spoke them aloud as they were spinning through my head.  I was amazed at the knowledge of God.  Never before had I felt so understood, so known.


I feel it.

The ground is churning.  Things are changing, shifting, falling into place.

The dry season is over and growth visible, vivid, rapid.

God is working in more ways than I can even comprehend, but I am so blessed.

- I am officially accepted into the Master of Arts in Counseling program at Covenant Theological Seminary, starting full-time in August.

- I am finally shifting into a position at work that will bring a taste of normalcy to my schedule, giving me my weekends off again!  It may take a month or two for it to become a reality, but I wait in anticipation.

- God has so blessed me to have a wonderful man in my life.  One who I feel honored to be with, who desires the Lord over everything else, and who exceeds any expectations I have had.

- Just this week, he was offered an incredible job working for an esteemed company, that just happens to be located only a few miles from my apartment!

In very tangible ways, things are finally changing.  They seem to reflect the ways in which I have grown internally over the last few months.  It was so agonizing to feel as if things were changing inside, and yet my circumstances were not at all getting better, as I had no new direction or hope for change.  And then the Lord brings the harvest - a great manifestation of the waiting season I have been in.

I am certainly blessed.