"dream great dreams and find the courage to live them"

-erwin mcmanus

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

waiting for the mail.

- illinois license plates
- mazda/chase payment book
- graduation announcements

and each day i open my mailbox to... nothing.  well, that's a tiny lie.  today i received newsweek, yesterday was netflix, but nothing exciting, nothing that i've been waiting for.

what IS exciting is that stacy creswell is pregnant again!!  soo exciting :)  this means i'll be taking on quite a few more hours with them in the fall before the baby is born, and i'm excited for that too.  i really love that family.

somehow i've convinced myself that studying is absolutely unnecessary for a huge test i have on Saturday that will determine if i have to take an extra four courses in different subject areas.  it is an extremely important test, but i am utterly hopeless in my studying endeavors.  besides cracking the first few chapters of U.S. History for Dummies (which has been GREAT so far!), i haven't prepared in the slightest.  i need to buy a basic calculator.

my computer has been on my lap for far too long.  it's warm, and making my legs too warm for comfort.  i guess that just means it's time to shut down and go to bed!  ha.  do you like my logic there?

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


as i sit here, a beautiful two-week-old baby lies next to me sleeping.  the sun streams in the windows and the sounds of missy higgins fill the room.  i should be doing homework.  in fact, that's one of the reasons that jen took jake to his "away we play" class and me here with only little max.  as usual, i can't seem to focus.

i've been thinking recently about what it means to be "friends."  does it mean that you spend a lot of time together?  does it mean that you're near eachother?  that you were once in the same group of friends?  i've long considered people i knew in the past to be "friends" but i realize that's not necessarily the case.  some were only people i knew because we had mutual friends, or because we were on the same bro/sis.  but many of those people, i barely know, and hardly knew to begin with.  i've started saying "this guy i know" or "an old friend" instead of just referring to everyone i know as "friend."  maybe this is being too selective, but i see it as a means of clarifying how close i really am to that person, probably only for my own benefit.

a healthy switch, i think, as i don't want to be under the illusion that i have hundreds of friends.  instead, i'll know for sure that i have several friends and a whole lot of acquaintances and "people i know."

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


- my first big investment: a 2010 mazda3. (soo exciting!)
- jen had her baby last week, so i got a raise and i get to take care of a newborn.  a double success :)
- a weekend in green bay was good to spend with my family, but so thankful that i don't live at home anymore.
- i really like my old friends (specifically sara, teresa, and katelyn).  i wish i could spend more time with them.  if only we all lived in the same place.
- tonight my dinner consisted of lefse and peanuts.  a good explanation for my stomachache.
- we have framed photography sitting around our apartment that needs to be hung.  they are some of my photographs from italy.  seeing them decorate our apartment makes me feel like i'm really good at something.  a good feeling :)
- i've become a REAL regular at a starbucks near where i nanny three days/week.  it makes me feel like a real chicago adult!
- i want to go to omaha and sioux falls and reunite with old nwc friends.  i miss them.
- i like making lists in general.  i think that's why this post became a list so quickly.
- i have to take three online lit courses in the next few months.  i'm going to have to learn to speed-read.  fast.
- I want a family.  now, please.  thank you.
- i spend far too much time in this spot on the couch.  i sit here to watch tv.  i sit here to do homework.  i sit here to write e-mails.  i sit here to read.  i just sit here too much.  i need to find a new spot.
- i may only be working a half day tomorrow.  yet getting paid for a full day.  yess.  i love my jobs.
- i think i might be in classes on saturdays for the next five quads to get my ESL certification.  is it worth it?  hopefully.
- i need to go to sleep.  now.
- good night.
- the end.
- lame post.