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-erwin mcmanus

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

andiamo a fare spese

(translation: we go shopping)

i'm working on creating a small curriculum to teach conversational english. lessons start next week :)
at the same time, i am learning even more italian in the process. exciting!

did you know that milk is not refrigerated here until you open it? kind of like a jar of jam.. not refrigerated until it's opened. weird. so we buy these boxes of milk that don't expire until december. weird.

and every time i go to the grocery store, i find something else that is so different than at home. like last week... they had rabbits for sale. and by rabbits, i mean whole rabbits sold the same way that chicken breasts are wrapped/styrofoam-plated. including the head. it was gross. apparently the meat is pretty good, though. hm.

i'm tired. and we just got a lot more things to work on this week. including having the children's program for the park planned out by 1pm tomorrow. ouch. better get moving on that!

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Chris Rensink said...

This was my favorite thing ever! I'm so glad you are at least venturing out to see what other foods are out there...